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All About the BLUE, BY GILAd Barach

The Rarest Blue refuses to be measured by traditional yardsticks, it excels in the unconventional category it carves out for itself. With terrific prose and an inviting tone, the book appeals in both content and presentation to readers of all backgrounds and interests… It delivers a historical and scientific account of the murex tekhelet that can be appreciated by any audience, a valuable contribution to the public understanding of this important mitsvah.

No longer on the fringe BLUE, BY Barbara Sofer

The Rarest Blue tells you everything you ever wanted to know and more about this elusive color and the odyssey of its rediscovery. Enlivening this scholarly, encyclopedic description of the color are the vicissitudes of the drama of the search… The Stermans are themselves among the knights on this noble quest. The Rarest Blue has been written with the same energy, erudition and delight in Judaism that characterizes the mission.

Reviving Biblical Blue, by Jonathan Kirsch

Blue and white are the traditional colors of the tallit, and, for that reason, the colors of the flag of Israel. And yet the ancient craft of making blue dyes for use in sacred garments was lost to the world for centuries. Just as the Jewish people longed for Zion, they also longed to reclaim the long-lost secret of the blue thread that the Bible commands us to wear on the corners of our garments.

The Rarest Blue – Conversation with Baruch Sterman

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks discusses “The Rarest Blue: The Remarkable Story of an Ancient Color Lost to History and Rediscovered“, Baruch Sterman’s new book about the revival of tekhelet – Biblical blue (visit www.TheRarestBlue.com and www.tekhelet.com). The book is a riveting adventure tale, in which halakhah (Jewish law) and its interface with nearly every field of human science, wisdom and endeavour, serves as the main “hero” covering 1,300 years of Jewish history.


The Blue Fringe: North Jersey olim uncover and revive the rare blue of tachelet BY Abigail Klein Leichman

You’ll never look at the color of the sky the same way after reading “The Rarest Blue,” a new history written by Passaic native Baruch Sterman with his wife, Teaneck-raised Judy Taubes Sterman, who live in the Israeli town of Efrat.

The Search for the Holy Snail with the Royal Blue Dye, on SimchaJTV

I’ve just come across this incredible book, called “The Rarest Blue“, on the rediscovery of Biblical blue. It’s a discovery of monumental proportions. A real scientific and Biblical detective story. I made a film about this and now the book is out. It’s written by physicist Baruch Sterman. Click here to enjoy watching my Naked Archaeologist episode on the subject, “True Blue” on SimchaJTV.

Globe Pequot and Lyons Press announce THE RAREST BLUE

Globe Pequot has released its 2012 catalog, and in it announced THE RAREST BLUE to be released in November, 2012. This is a very exciting time, as the project has been all-consuming and we hope that the book will be well received.

Rediscovered, Ancient Color Is Reclaiming Israeli Interest

Reported on the front page of The New York Times in February 2011, this article reports the finding on Masada of a textile embroidered with a dark blue stripe dating to the 1st century CE.

The Quest for the Holy Snail

An early article on the topic published in IsraEL AL Magazine, March 1995, pp. 51-54

The Search for Biblical Blue

Written by Ari Greenspan, this article was published in Bible Review,
Volume 19, No. 1, Feb 2003, pp. 32-39

Die Farbe der verlorenen Zeit
  (The Color of Lost Time)

Published in Mare, Die Zeitschrift der Meere (Mare, The Journal of the Sea), No. 59, Dec 2006, pp. 94-103

La controverse autour du fil bleu
  (The Controversy Surrounding the Blue Yarn)

published in Hamodia, No 57, Jan 2009, pp. 4-12

Looking Around: A Meeting at the Fringes

This essay by Barbara Sofer tells a heartwarming story in which tekhelet plays a part.

  (Problems facing Israel’s Rebuilding of the Temple)

This article was published on the Chinese Christian Life Web site.

Dyeing to be Holy, Snails Make Tzitzit Blue Again

An article describing our tours to Dor, led by Mois Navon. From Forward Magazine, October 2010

Solving the Mystery of the Royal Blue Thread

From the Jerusalem Post, Travel Supplement, 16 March, 2007